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Building Australian Cultural Studies: The Work of Graeme Turner

31 August 2012
Sir Llew Edwards Auditorium,
The University of Queensland




Graeme Turner has played a key role in the development of Australian cultural and media studies. Throughout his long and distinguished career, his innovative scholarship has had a significant impact on developing this interdisciplinary field in Australia and internationally. He is the author of many publications in popular culture, media studies, celebrity, film theory and more. These books have contributed to the transformation of the humanities and the emergence of new intellectual practices and objects. Graeme has also represented the humanities on numerous government and university committees from the ARC to PMSEIC (Prime Minister's Science, Engineering and Innovation Council) - where he is currently the only humanities representative. His contribution to building improved research support and recognition for the humanities, as well as the legacy of his Cultural Research Network, has been lasting and significant.
On 2 September 2012, Graeme Turner will step down from his role as Director of the Centre for Critical and Cultural Studies at the University of Queensland, before retiring from the University (but not his academic career) in early 2013. The Centre will continue to prosper under the leadership of Professor Gay Hawkins, and Graeme will continue to be based there.
This symposium has been planned to allow Graeme’s colleagues to reflect on their engagement with his work, its influence and its impact. 


Opening Address: Professor Meaghan Morris (University of Sydney)
Panel One: Institutional and Sectoral Leadership
Chair: Professor Gay Hawkins (CCCS)
Emeritus Professor Peter Cryle (CHED, University of Queensland)
Dr Christina Parolin (Australian Academy of the Humanities)
Panel Two: Building Australian Cultural Studies
Chair: Dr Anthea Taylor (CCCS)
Professor Stuart Cunningham (Queensland University of Technology)
Associate Professor Frances Bonner (EMSAH, University of Queensland)
Professor Tony Bennett (University of Western Sydney)
Panel Three: Colleague, Collaborator, Mentor
Chair: Dr Melissa Bellanta (CCCS)
Dr Anna Cristina Pertierra (CCCS)
Dr Melissa Gregg (University of Sydney)
Dr Mark Andrejevic (CCCS)
Response: Professor Graeme Turner
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