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16 September 2011
Social Sciences and Humanities Library Conference Room,
The University of Queensland

Jointly hosted by the Centre for Critical and Cultural Studies and the UQ School of English, Media Studies and Art HIstory


Searching for the 'core' of public service media (psm), trying to define them against their 'others', or even locating them within a Habermasian public sphere often obscures the flexibility and multiplicity of psm practices. In this symposium we investigate psm as being increasingly organised in hybrid arrangements that function according to diverse technologies, politics, people, and economies. This symposium will work ‘in-between’ the familiar dichotomies through which psm have been defended such as state versus market, public versus private, and national versus international.


Hybrid Economic Arrangements
Chair: Anna Pertierra (University of Queensland)
James Bennett (Royal Holloway, University of London)
Graeme Turner (University of Queensland)
Hallvard Moe (University of Bergen)
Jason Jacobs (University of Queensland)

Hybrid Political Arrangements
Chair: Liz Ferrier (University of Queensland)
Gay Hawkins (University of Queensland)
Anne Dunn (University of Sydney)
Ben Goldsmith (Swinburne University)
Maureen Burns (University of Queensland)

Hybrid Audience Arrangements
Chair: Sean Rintel (University of Queensland)
Fiona Martin (University of Sydney)
Zala Volcic and Mark Andrejevic (University of Queensland)
Morgan Richards (University of Queensland)

The symposium was introduced by Professor Tom O'Regan (University of Queensland)

Click here for the full program with abstracts (PDF, 335kb)
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