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Dr Catherine Phillips

ARC Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Centre for Critical and Cultural Studies


Catherine Phillips' research explores nature-society relations, particularly those involving agriculture and food. She is curious abut the ways in which these relations are formed, understood, and contested in everyday life in (dis)connection with governance efforts. Her recent book, Saving More Than Seeds: Practices and Politics of Seed Saving, draws on ethnographic research to analyse the learning, relations, and politics involved in seed saving. Further, it situates these practices in an international economic and political context by detailing seed-related neoliberalisation processes, intellectual property rights strategies, and global genebanking efforts. Catherine's work encompasses cultural geography, science and technology studies, food studies, and environmental studies. She has engaged in fieldwork in Australia, Canada, and South Africa. In addition to her research, Catherine has also taught courses in geography, environmental science and studies, development studies, and political studies.


BArts (Hons PolSci), Wilfrid Laurier University (Canada); MA (DevSt/PolSci), University of Guelph (Canada); PhD (EnvSt), York University (Canada)


  • Cultures, geographies, and politics of agrifood
  • Everyday practices
  • Environmental governance
  • Multinatural relations 
I welcome applications from prospective PhD students working in any of the above areas.


Catherine is currently working in two areas, both of which relate to material politics of agriculture and food.
Research with Gay Hawkins for The Skin of Commerce explores the roles of plastic in the agrifood system taking into account not only its valuable role in food preservation and safety, but also its impacts on waste streams in natural and built environments. The project analyses the historical, socio-technical, and political relationships between plastic, food, and waste.
Continuing with research into insect-people-plant relations begun at the Australian Centre for Cultural Environmental Research, Catherine is exploring commercial and amateur beekeeping as they relate to pollination, biosecurity, and conservation.
Additional collaborations are in train regarding people-plant relations in biosecurity (Lesley Head/Jenny Atchison), insect eating as a food security measure (Paul Stock, Hugh Campbell, Anne Murcott), and food wasting as visceral politics (Gordon Waitt).


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A full list of Dr Phillip’s publications, including fulltext links, can be accessed via UQ eSpace.

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