The Centre for Critical Studies was incorporated in the Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities in August 2015.

The information in this website is therefore out of date but retained for archival and staff purposes.

Below is a chronological archive of Public Seminars presented by the Centre since 2000. Invited speakers are listed under the links for each year. Click on the relevant year to access abstracts for each seminar.

Past Public Seminars section

2013 Public Seminars

In 2013, CCCS hosted seminars by Dr Morgan Richards, Associate Professor Waddick Doyle, Adjunct Professor Fiona Foley, Dr Campbell Gray, Dr Fiona Nicoll, Dr Angi Buettner, Dr Isolda Rojas Lizana and Dr Maryam Jamarani

2012 Public Seminars

In 2011, CCCS hosted seminars by Dr Anthea Taylor, Professor Marcus Breen, Dr Michael Skey, Dr Jane Stadler, Professor James Hay, Dr Alison Scott and Dr Anna Pertierra

2011 Public Seminars

In 2011, CCCS hosted seminars by Dr Martin Crotty, Associate Professor Ramaswami Harindranath, Professor Robert Foster, Professor Heather Horst, Dr Simon Perry, Dr James Bennett, Professor Jim McKay and Associate Professor Katharine Gelber. It was also the first year that the Material Culture Seminar Series was held.

2010 Public Seminars

In 2010, CCCS hosted seminars by Dr Peta Mitchell, Professor Justin O'Connor, Associate Professor Greg Hainge, Dr Ben Goldsmith, Dr Mary Debrett, Associate Professor Mark McLelland, Professor Anne Balsamo and Associate Professor Vicki Mayer

2009 Public Seminars

In 2009, CCCS presented seminars by Professor Andrew Crissell, Dr Mark Andrejevic, Dr Joe Hardwick, Dr Maureen Burns and Dr Joost de Bruin

2008 Public Seminars

In 2008, CCCS hosted seminars by Professor Robert Allen, Associate Professor Jason Jacobs, Associate Professor Jo Ann Tacchi, Dr Harriot Beazley, Associate Professor Jonathon Sterne, Dr Melissa Gregg, Professor Tony Bennett, Dr Roxanne Marcotte and Dr Kayoko Hashimoto

2007 Public Seminars

In 2007, CCCS hosted seminars by Professor Steve Fuller, Professor Graeme Turner, Dr Andrew Gentes, Dr Tom Stevenson, Dr Zala Volcic, Dr Adrian Mabbott Athique, Professor Koichi Iwabuchi, Professor Richard Peterson, Dr Kitty van Vuuren and Associate Professor Mus Chairil Samani

2006 Public Seminars

In 2006, CCCS hosted seminars by Associate Professor Tara Brabazon, Associate Professor Lisa McLaughlin, Professor Toby Miller, Professor Peter Holbrook, Professor Georgiana Born, Dr Margaret Henderson, Dr Denis Collins, Dr Helga Tawil Souri, Dr Karen Brooks, Dr Fional Nicoll, Dr Sarah Redshaw and Professor Margaret Barrett

2005 Public Seminars

In 2005, CCCS hosted seminars by Professor Andy Bennett, Dr Geoff Wilkes, Adjunct Professor Kerry O'Brien, Dr Graham St John, Professor Thom Swiss, Professor Ken Gelder, Professor Carmen Luke, Associate Professor Chi-Kong Lai and Dr Susan McKay

2004 Public Seminars

In 2004, CCCS hosted seminars by Professor Tom O'Regan, Professor Tony Bennett, Dr Juliana de Nooy, Dr Mandy Thomas, Dr Graham St John, Professor Meaghan Morris and Professor Graeme Turner

2003 Public Seminars

In 2003, CCCS hosted seminars by Dr Simon Deveraux, Dr Tomoko Aoyama, Professor Elisabeth Bronfen and Dr Paul Magee

2002 Public Seminars

In 2002, CCCS hosted seminars by Dr Hillegonda Rietveld, Professor Scott Slovic, Dr Sarah Ferber, Associate Professor Paul Griffiths, Associate Professor Margaret Maynard, Professor John Treat, Associate Professor Ken Gelder, Dr Morris Low, Dr Elaine Lally and Professor Catharine Lumby

2001 Public Seminars

In 2001, CCCS hosted seminars by Professor Nicholas Rogers, Professor Linda Hutcheon, Professor Michael Hutcheon and Professor Lesley Stern

2000 Public Seminars

In 2000, CCCS hosted its first seminar by Professor John Hartley
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