The Centre for Critical Studies was incorporated in the Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities in August 2015.

The information in this website is therefore out of date but retained for archival and staff purposes.

Below is a chronological archive of Public Lectures presented by the Centre since 2000. Invited speakers are listed under the links for each year. Click on the relevant year to access abstracts for each lecture.

Past Public Lectures section

2013 Public Lectures

In 2013, CCCS hosted lectures by Professor Sarah Whatmore, Dr Dolly MacKinnon, Jonathon Holmes, Professor Mike Michael, Professor Joanne Tompkins and a forum involving Professor Graeme Turner, Dr Mark Andrejevic, Professor Tom O'Regan, Dr Zala Volcic and Professor Joseph Straubhaar

2012 Public Lectures

In 2012, CCCS hosted lectures by Dr Rob Pensalfini, Dr Mark Andrejevic, Associate Professor David McKnight, Professor John Macarthur, Dr Naomi Stead, Dr Deborah van der Plaat, Associate Professor Anita Harris and Professor Elizabeth Shove

2011 Public Lectures

In 2011, CCCS hosted lectures by Professor Gay Hawkins, Mr Kim Dalton, Professor Christina Slade, Professor Philip Almond and Dr Melissa Bellanta

2010 Public Lectures

In 2010, CCCS hosted lectures by Professor Margaret Barrett, Professor Clive Moore, Professor Amareswar Galla, Professor Paul Turnbull, Professor Bridget Griffen-Foley, Professor Graeme Turner and Professor Daniel Miller

2009 Public Lectures

In 2009, CCCS hosted lectures by Professor Ien Ang, Professor Gillian Whitlock, Associate Professor Helen Creese, Dr Martin Crotty and Professor Fred D'Agostino

2008 Public Lectures

In 2008, CCCS hosted lectures by Professor Charlotte Brunsdon, Dr Rex Butler, Professor Rodney Tiffen, Professor Meaghan Morris, Associate Professor Chris Dixon and Professor Tom O'Regan

2007 Public Lectures

In 2007, CCCS hosted lectures by Professor David Carter, Professor Peter Spearritt, Mr Peter Manning, Dr Venero Armanno and Dr Elizabeth Stephens

2006 Public Lectures

In 2006, CCCS hosted lectures by Professor Richard Fotheringham, Dr Jane Roscoe, Professor Georgina Born, Professor Ian Hunter and Professor Robert Elson

2005 Public Lectures

In 2005, CCCS hosted lectures by Professor Paul Griffiths, Mr Graeme Samuel, Associate Professor Mark McLelland, Dr Felicity Baker and Dr Juliana de Nooy

2004 Public Lectures

In 2004, CCCS hosted lectures by Professor Vera Mackie, Professor Phil Hayward, Dr Michele Pierson, Professor Robert Dixon, Dr Aileen Moreton-Robinson and Professor Mark Poster

2003 Public Lectures

In 2003, CCCS hosted lectures by Professor Geert Lovink, Associate Professor Frances Bonner, Professor Nanette Gottlieb, Professor Joanne Tompkins, Professor Iain McCalman and Professor Peter Cryle

2002 Public Lectures

In 2002, CCCS hosted lectures by Professor Robyn Williams, Professor Kam Louie, Professor Philip Bracanin, Professor Sue Rider, Dr Christy Collis and Dr Richard Hindmarsh

2001 Public Lectures

In 2001, CCCS hosted lectures by Professor Brian Johns, Professor Kay Saunders, Professor Roly Sussex, Professor Peter Holbrook and Dr Mary Laughren

2000 Public Lectures

In 2000, CCCS hosted lectures by Associate Professor Anne Freadman, Professor Philip Almond, Associate Professor Margaret Maynard, Dr Lynne Hume, Dr Martin Duwell and Dr Robert Cribb
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