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The Federal Minister for Education, Julie Bishop announced on the 11 May 2006 the awarding of Professor Graeme Turner as a Federation Fellow. The report from the Australian Research Council reads, in part:

Professor Turner is a key figure in the development of cultural and media studies in Australia and has an outstanding international reputation. His work is used in a range of disciplines: cultural and media studies; communications; history; literary studies; and film and television studies.
Professor Turner has pioneered the study of the wider cultural impact on society of media and the economy of media industries that play a major role in trade and cultural exchange. His new research program will examine the role of television, a major source of the world’s information and ideas, at a time when the media is undergoing rapid transformation and on-line content and commentary are influencing the cultural views, political attitudes and patterns of consumption of a new generation.

Television in the post-broadcast era: The role of old and new media in the formation of national communities

Summary of Project
This research program investigates the role of television in a post-broadcast era increasingly dominated by new media formats such as the Internet. Given the traditional importance of television as a social institution for the democratic state—forming and informing its citizens—the project asks to what extent television will continue to serve such a function and whether new media forms such as online journalism are likely to take its place. As an international program comparing five countries and one multinational single-language market, its outcomes will inform a fundamental rethinking of the socio-cultural relations between the contemporary media and the nation-state.
Summary of National Benefit
This Federation Fellowship program will examine the place of television in a range of national locations during the post-broadcast era, addressing its socio-cultural function for the citizen as well as considering the competing or complementary roles played by new forms of online journalism. The program will provide a unique international comparative overview of contemporary media systems in the midst of dramatic change. The expertise, critical mass and findings developed within the program will equip Australia to better understand and manage the complex role the media plays in socio-cultural change, while providing cutting edge policy advice to government and industry.
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