The Centre for Critical Studies was incorporated in the Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities in August 2015.

The information in this website is therefore out of date but retained for archival and staff purposes.

The Faculty Fellowship scheme is available to full-time staff from every school within the Faculty, with at least one grant per year allocated to an Early Career Researcher. Successful applicants are granted teaching relief for a semester in order to bring a research or publication project to completion. They are asked to spend part of this time working in the CCCS or CHED, contributing to its seminar program and its other activities.

Applications are taken 18 months in advance in order to allow Schools more planning time to organise teaching relief.

Faculty Fellows section

Dr Lisa Bode

Faculty Research Fellow | Semester 1, 2015

Dr Juliana de Nooy

Faculty Research Fellow | Semester 2, 2015

Associate Professor Greg Hainge

Faculty Research Fellow | Semester 1, 2015

Dr Guy Ramsay

Faculty Research Fellow | Semester 1, 2015
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