The Centre for Critical Studies was incorporated in the Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities in August 2015.

The information in this website is therefore out of date but retained for archival and staff purposes.


In 2004, Professor Graeme Turner was successful in applying for an ARC Research Network, one of 24 networks funded through the scheme, and one of only three in the humanities. While not formally connected to the CCCS, the Centre provided material support for the CRN, including office space and other facilities, and Professor Turner was the Network Convenor.

About the CRN
The initial disciplinary base of the Cultural Research Network (CRN) was in cultural, media and communications studies. From this foundation, the Network built collaborative links with researchers from cultural history, cultural geography, cultural anthropology, and creative industries to develop the capacity for innovative research into media and cultural technologies, cultural literacies, cultural histories, geographies and identities.
Humanities disciplines have increasingly directed their attention to the analysis of the production and consumption of culture, interacting with other disciplines in order to research the complex local and global situation of culture. Cultural studies led the way towards exploiting the interdisciplinary potential this represents. Here it provided a broad intellectual and theoretical base upon which to construct an extended multi-disciplinary research network which hosted common discussions of method and principle, fostered young academics working across disciplines, improved opportunities for resource sharing, and enabled collaboration on projects of national and international significance.
To facilitate interdisciplinary exchange, the CRN established virtual connections, web-enabled databases, travelling masterclasses, seminars and symposia, as well as bursaries and internships for postgraduates and early career researchers. The CRN circulated people as well as ideas and information, bringing together the most distinguished researchers in media and cultural studies in Australia with an outstanding group of early and mid-career researchers working in cultural history, cultural geography, cultural anthropology, and creative industries to build collaborative research strengths and pursue international linkages.
Network Aims
  • To enhance interdisciplinary exchange between researchers from cultural studies, media, and communications studies, and researchers contributing to emerging trends in cultural geography, cultural history, cultural anthropology, new media, and creative industries.
  • To apply the benefits of such exchanges to developing multidisciplinary approaches to research projects on cultural literacies, cultural technologies, cultural histories, geographies, and identities.
  • To establish networks of communication and exchange to maximise the influence, capacity and collaborative potential of innovative cultural research in Australia, and to assist the professional development of early career and postgraduate researchers.
  • Over the five years of the funding period, to develop focused programs of collaborative cultural research projects for which external funding can be sought.
  • To build on existing transnational links in order to internationalise the CRN.
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