Associate Professor Mark Andrejevic

Deputy Director and ARC QEII Research Fellow
Centre for Critical and Cultural Studies
Email: Phone: (61 7) 3365 7175


Mark Andrejevic is a media scholar who writes about surveillance, new media, and popular culture. In broad terms, he is interested in the ways in which forms of surveillance and monitoring enabled by the development of new media technologies impact the realms of economics, politics, and culture. His first book, Reality TV: The Work of Being Watched (2003), explores the way in which this popular programming genre equates participation with willing submission to comprehensive monitoring. His second book, iSpy: Surveillance and Power in the Interactive Era (2007), considers the role of surveillance in the era of networked digital technology and explores the consequences for politics, policing, popular culture, and commerce.


BArts Williams College; MA, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor; PhD, University of Colorado, Boulder.


  • New Media Technologies and Practices
  • Online Surveillance and Privacy
  • Reality TV
  • Biometrics
  • Critical Theory
I welcome applications from prospective PhD students working in any of the above areas.


I am currently working on a five-year, ARC funded project that looks at public attitudes towards measures to regulate the collection and use of personal information online and over mobile networks. Australia is in the process of reforming its privacy laws to keep pace with technological developments and my hope is that this research might contribute to the public discussion over how to address privacy concerns in the digital era.
More information about this research project is available here.
I am also completing a book that explores how the ways in which we think about information are changing in response to a context of informational excess – one characterised by the multiplication of media outlets and the explosion of information available online and via networked devices.
Additionally I am working on a book about the history of the term “interactivity” and the role that it plays in discourses about digital media. I continue to research and write about reality TV and other sites where surveillance and popular culture collide. 


ARC’s QEII Fellowship and Discovery Grant (2009) for “The Monitored Audience: Protecting Personal Information in the Digital Era.” This is a five-year fellowship worth $390,000.
Collaborator: The New Transparency: Surveillance and Social Sorting (2008).
UQ Postdoctoral Research Fellow (2006). This is a three-year fellowship award.
Obermann Center Fellowship, The University of Iowa, fall. Residential fellowship for research.
Old Gold Summer Fellowship Award, summer 2004.
Thomas Edwin Devaney Dissertation Fellowship, Unversity of Colorado, Boulder, 2000-01
Center for the Humanities and the Arts graduate fellow, University of Colorado, Boulder, 2000-01.


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Articles (Since 2008)
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Book Chapters (Since 2008)
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A full list of Associate Professor Andrejevic’s publications, including fulltext links, can be accessed via UQ eSpace.
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